I always love a good composition. Who doesnt?  A good compositions is intriguing, interesting, and purposefully leads the viewer’s eye throughout the composition to the focus of the image.  There are many tools a photographer can use to emphasize their subject, but in this post we’re going to focus on what I believe are the most crucial: light and lines.

I love lines. Like super loooove them. And out eyes love them, too. Eyes will automatically find lines to follow, anywhere and everywhere.  The lines provide paths for our eyes to follow, and it is no different in photography. If you use the lines in your environment when you frame an image, they will help the viewer’s eye enjoy the image, like walking along serene paths in a park. And of course, lead them right where you want the viewer to look.

There is no photography without light. No image can be created in a camera without light embracing the sensor or film. For me, using the light and shadows (there can’t be shadow without light either), strategically in a photograph to bring further focus and meaning to the image only makes sense. And I enjoy it. There is something magical about interesting lighting, and even more so when it’s used to create an interesting image.

Below, I have included some examples. The red circles indicated what I wanted to bring to the attention of the viewer. On the other hand, the arrows show how the lines (including edges and implied lines), light, or shadows, work together to emphasize and continually guide the viewers eye to the subject. I hope you enjoy!