These are the days that mean the most. The days where there is no grand occasion to force togetherness, in celebration or in grief. These days aren’t filled with to-do lists, or dreaded grocery shopping. We’re not rushing to dance class, or working hard on tedious homework before hurrying into the bath and bed. Instead, we mosey comfortably from activity to activity, not because we have anything in particular that we have to do, but because we feel like it. Because we’re having fun.

On these days, we eat dinner outside on the porch. We watch the kitten try to catch birds or bugs, while the sun sets around us. On these days, we pick flowers and make daisy chains, and make wishes on the wind. We draw pictures together and color them in just right, so they are worthy of the Wall Art Cork-board in the kitchen.

These are the days I hold nearest to my heart. The days I never ever want to forget.