The Storytelling Life

In the past, I’ve had a hard time categorizing what ‘kind’ of photographer I am. Although I’m honest, in general, I have a hard time with trying to fit neatly into a categorical box. It’s just the way I am, but also probably a story for another day.

I have previously tried on the titles of ‘lifestyle photographer’ or ‘documentary photographer,’ like the outfits you might pick out for your first day on a new job, dressing to fit into the new office atmosphere. But I didn’t feel like these titles adequately described me; I could shove some of my work into one title, or another, but neither encompassed all of my work, or who I am as an artist. They just didn’t quite fit.

I’ve been mulling it over lately and finally landed on categorizing myself as a ‘storyteller’. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I come from a family of storytellers, generations of them. In then end, stories become all we have left of those we love; no matter where we or they are, we always carry their stories with us. I’ve always loved telling stories, writing them, illustrating them, and definitely photographing them.

But what exactly does storytelling photography mean?

For me, it means that in all my photos, portraits, documentary, street photographs, all of it, my aim is to illustrate the story I see. Below, I have some examples of what I mean.

Capturing Memories

I absolutely adore capturing memories, especially families spending quality time together doing something special. We all have cherished memories with those we love, so how much more special would it be able to have them documented and preserved?

This sweet family enjoyed a fun day at the farm and corn maze. Now, they also have an album full of memories to show their children as they grow!

A move might not seem like the dazzling event to photograph, but I was so honored to be able to capture my friends’ move. A big move is life-changing deal for a family, and definitely a significant event to remember.

My daughter’s first kindergarten performance!

Revealing an unseen story

I am a firm believer that there are stories everywhere, you just have to look hard enough. The story of new traveling adventure or the tale of small town life and culture. Here are some examples below.

What I’ve glimpsed in the story of small town life.

The tale of traveling home to upstate NY for Christmas.