So for my self moderated photography homework this week, my goal was not to crop my images. I want to be more intentional about my framing. Sometimes, I get so focused on one thing that I want to capture, that I forget everything else that shows up in the photo.

And if you shoot with the handicap of knowing you will crop later, it’s all to easy to get sloppier with composition. What if the thing you plan on cropping out later doesn’t work with your photo ratio? And if you have too much tunnel vision, and there are multiple things to crop out of the photograph, then there are even more things to work around.

All in all, it’s better just to get the framing right the first time. I want to make sure that before the shutter closes, the photo I’m taking works as a whole. Aside from helping me be a better photographer, this exercise also means less post-production. Which is always alright by me. I enjoy the taking of pictures, and documenting the things around me, more than the editing stage.

So this week, I did practice my no cropping rule. This rule also applied to the images of Evey’s very first haircut, which I documented earlier this week. However, in the spirit of not being repetitive, I wanted to post some images other than those from my previous post, without any cropping.

Sounds easy enough, right? Ehhhhhhh.

I really only have these three images to show for my homework. Honestly, I could say I didn’t get out to take pictures as much as I wanted to this week. I could also say there were other images that I did like, but as stand alone images, not as a group. But I felt that these three pictures turned out the best as is, and were a nice cohesive group. There’s a kind of moodiness I really like about them as a trio.


But to be honest, I also think I need to work harder on being intentional with my framing. I want good compositions to be an instinct, not an accident. So that I can document those fleeting wonderful moments in life in the best way I can. And in order for that to happen, I just have to keep on keeping on.