Last night was the first elementary school performance that my daughter participated in: Rumble in the Jungle. And let me tell you, it was surreal.

Was it really so long ago that I was up on a similar stage with my own young classmates? I kept having flash backs to my own school performances, standing in formation, with my hair sprayed into perfection by my mother an hour before. We even had coordinating dances or hand movements, to go with the fun songs we belted out, while we carefully made sure our eyes were averted from the bright stage lights.

And yet, last night, I was the parent in the audience. It was amazing, and yet so strange. I was the mother watching (and recording) my tiny girl sing and dance her little heart out. She seemed so grown up, and yet so small. In fact, she was the second smallest child up on stage. But what she lacked in height, she certainly made up for in personality. Every time she noticed us smiling at her, she instantly grew more animated, waving, blowing kisses, and winking at us.

Where did the time go? How did the days snuggling a sweet tiny baby, melt so quickly into days watching my precious kindergartner performing on stage?

Parenting is bittersweet. You absolutely love watching your child grown, but these precious moments also slip so quickly through your fingers. It’s this constant battle of letting go of them, while wanting to hold on to them so much tighter. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.