It’s Easter weekend so everyone is doing Easter-y type things. Including my tiny family. Which means my camera has been out nonstop and I’ve been photographing all the Easter-y things. But this weekend has also been rife with nostalgic overlaps from my own childhood.

I was a pretty artsy kid and loved all things crafty. I even came up with my own system of how to make little pipe-cleaner people for my sister and I to play with. And now Evey was finally old enough for her very own little pipe-cleaner people. This weekend, I introduced my wee girl into the art of pipe-cleaner creations. So of course I had to document the occasion.


We had a blast. And of course she insisted on taking her little people everywhere with her.


It made my heart happier than I can explain, seeing her play with the little people I created for her. Documenting the joy on her face as she watched them come into being was absolutely wonderful. There was something special about bringing something from my own childhood back to life, and watching her enjoy it as much as I did. And let’s be honest, I still do.


As we all know, today is Easter. Easter egg hunts were always a special activity for my family growing up. As we grew older, my parents made them harder and harder to find, and I must say, the hunts grew very elaborate. We even continued the tradition into adulthood, and my sister and I would take a turn hiding eggs for my parents to find as well.

So watching Evey grow to love hunting for eggs is also very special for me. She is getting so much better each year! I can’t wait to up my game next year.

And while the egg hunting is super fun, the most touching part was being able to watch her run around and enjoy her day, in an Easter dress passed down from my sister. A dress that I remember my sister wearing as we hunted for our own eggs in our favorite house in England.

Parenting is hard. Seriously. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. But these are the moments I live for. These are the moments I am compelled to photograph, so I can’t ever forget them. I cherish the fun times we enjoy and the passing down of fun family traditions. I feel so lucky that I can share these fun things from my own childhood, and bring them back to life with my sweet girl.