Like everyone else, I have a few favorite things I love to photograph: my daughter, golden hour (or really golden minute), daily life, etc. But after a while, I go through my work and I notice it growing a little crusty and stale. It all starts to feel the same and somewhat boring. I feel like there are few things worse than producing boring work, and failing to grow.

I’m not in school anymore, and I no longer have the benefit having a teacher assigning me homework designed to challenge me and help me grow. But, I can’t let that halt my progress. So sometimes I’ll give myself mini challenges to stimulate me to create different photographs, and see things differently.

This past week, the assignment I gave myself was to try taking documentary photographs of Clovis at night.

I love shooting around sunset but I felt like I needed to change it up. Plus, the feel of a place can really change after dark, and I wanted to explore that.