Do you ever think about the way ideas form and where they come from?

Mine rarely grow in a straightforward manner, like simply drawing straight line from point a to point b. Instead, they mostly blossom from an unexpected, and seemingly unrelated seed. The growth usually feels fast and wild, like a winding vine taking over a blank brick wall.

So that’s how this blog came to be. It started off with the daunting chore of sifting through the many GBs of images on my computer, to free up space (for more pictures, obviously). Now, here I sit, typing out my very first blog post about my photography.

I’ve always been passionate about art and creativity even before I began pursuing documentary photography.

Always. However, I can definitively say that my daughter was what really sparked my specific passion for documentary photography. I had never loved anything as much as my sweet little girl. Soon, I found myself obsessed with capturing as much of her life and amazing personality as I could. I wanted to be sure I couldn’t forget each new stage, or any of her ever-changing little quirks and mannerisms.

Testing the Boundaries | Shel Rogers Photography | Clovis NM

Testing the Boundaries, 2015

I began bringing my camera almost everywhere we went: the grocery store, play dates, and even documented the cranky meltdowns (hers, not mine). I quickly realised that my most successful images were the ones that captured the real moments, with raw emotion. And there was a certain magic in capturing our life how it was, instead of how I thought it should look.

Water Play, 2015 | Shel Rogers Photography | Clovis NM

Water Play, 2015

I soon found myself applying that philosophy in all my photographic endeavors. And I am hooked. I love having great images from all the places I’ve been, the people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I love the challenge in finding the beauty in the mundane, and the freedom of creative expression no matter where I am. And my unreliable memory can’t leave any of my documented experiences behind.

Shel Rogers Photography | Clovis NM

At the end of the day, I believe our memories are really all we have from this life. And I intend on collecting and treasuring as many of them as I can before my days are done.

Shel Rogers Photography | Clovis NM