As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite past times is exploring and photographing abandoned buildings. Some places are relatively easy to find, and well-known within the local area. But there are those special places that I’ve only come across by chance, after driving around aimlessly on country dirt roads.

When I find a cool new place, I try to visit at least a few different times. I like to see how the light changes the scene, during different parts of the day. And I also enjoy capturing how the location changes and decays overtime, thanks to the harsh high plains winds and storms. But there are a few places, that I’m sad to admit, I’ve only been to once.

Sometimes, I’ve taken so many unmarked dusty roads, that I can’t remember how I got the abandoned treasure. Or it’s been so long, that I cant even remember the general vicinity of the place.  Either that, or they are no longer accessible, have collapsed, or have been destroyed. For me, they only continue to exist in the few images I was lucky enough to snap.