I’ll be honest, I’ve been having a really hard time with motivation lately. This time of year is just kind of slumpy for me: the joyful holidays are over. I’m back home in New Mexico, but very far away from my closest friends and family. It’s been cold and/or windy, which means my exploration/street photography around Clovis has been minimal (okay, realistically none at all). I’m trying to get back into the swing of my usually work/home schedule, but with some (a lot of) difficulty.

So how do you get your motivation back? How do you move past a creative slump?

Get out of your own head.

Seriously. And I especially have issues with this. But the reality is that your own mind created the slump, and it’s the only thing keeping you there, and sucking you into a creative black hole. You need outside input.

Google your favorite genre of photography and find articles about the most famous photographers who do it. Look at other people’s work until you feel like your eyeballs will melt. Analyze the works you appreciate the most, and really think hard about why. Maybe even write it out and contemplate about how you might have done things differently.

Reach out to other photographers or artists. Meet up and talk about your mutual passion, your favorite photographers, gear, and methods. Plan a shoot together, or assist on someone else’s shoot. You are bound to discover new ideas, tips, and things to try.

Try not to worry too much— slumps happen to everyone. Just remember: you only need that one idea, just one thing, to reignite your imagination and motivation, and help you find your way out of that slumpy, uninspirational fog.

Playing around with different lighting techniques helped light my way out of my photography slump this week. (See what I did there?)