Goodbyes are no fun. Generally speaking, at least. And this goodbye was particularly sad for me. Last month, my wonderful and talented friend Candice moved from Clovis, NM, to Spokane, WA (it’s beautiful there, and if you haven’t been you need to go).

I’ve mentioned before about what an amazing influence Candice has been on my photography over the past four years. She’s been my creative rock. She is always inspiring me and pushing to learn more, hone my craft. It’s going to be so odd without her here. It’s strange to think that we won’t be able drive around scouting for good shooting locations, listening to music and being goofy. Or schedule a new fun shoot any time soon. But that’s just a part of life. People move away, on to bigger and better things. Good friends come and go every few years. And now I have a great reason to visit Spokane.

Since we are photographers, it seemed fitting to photograph Candice’s moving process, and document the last few busy and emotional days her and her family spent in Clovis. I am honored to have been able to photograph these people who are so special to me. And I am grateful that it gave me such a good excuse to soak up the last little sips of time with them before they left.

Miss you, friend.