Horseback Riding

When I was little, I was never very fond of animals that were bigger than myself. I have always been a somewhat short being, which means that I could be taken down by a medium-sized cat. As a kid, animals seemed unpredictable, a little scary, and I was pretty convinced that any animal with a mouth would try to eat me. Growing up has enlightened me to the ideas that not all animals see you as a snack, and you can build trust with them, even the big ones.

I wanted to do something different and fun this past weekend. My coworker  mentioned that she would love to have us out to her house to see her horses. I had a mini flashback to eight-year-old Sarah, who thought horses were tricky and was terrified of being kicked. But Evey never possessed my apprehension of large animals. She was thrilled at the idea of seeing real-life horses and getting to ride them. So, if a tiny Evey wasn’t going to be nervous about horses, than neither was I, and off we went to see the horse.

So please enjoy these pictures documenting Evey’s visit with the horses! And a special thanks to our wonderful friend who let us come by and have so much fun!