Few things bring me as much joy as experiencing new culture and quality time with loved ones. In fact, recently I was lucky enough to have a week full of both!

I had the pleasure of visiting Japan and I can’t express how much I enjoyed it. I so missed going overseas. There’s something so magical about seeing the different culture norms, and how others live interact with and view this wonderful world around us.

The buildings, the cars, the streets, the snacks, the cultural norms and customs— they were all so different and all truly fascinated me. It’s breathing proof that there is not necessarily one ‘right’ way to do things and live in this wide world. There’s so much more to say about what I saw and learned, but I think that’s going to have to be in it’s own special post!

And the quality time I enjoyed with my wee one was much needed and birthed some of the most special memories of our lives so far. She’s growing so fast— toothless and sassy and loving.

She was so cute with she was tiny, chubby cheeks and all, but watching her morph into her own unique little person is such a special privilege. No one wants their kids to grow up fast, and or do I, but I am truly so excited to watch her continue to learn and grow. I know there’s a slight chance that I’m biased, but she is my favorite little person and I treasured all our one-on-one time more than anything.