I mentioned in yesterday’s post that after I moved to New Mexico, documentary photography really helped force me out of my shell, and appreciate the area more.

Clovis is just so completely different from anywhere I had ever lived. But I wanted to take more pictures and keep growing in my photography, so I had to learn to find new fun things to capture.

Insert the many abandoned buildings in and around Clovis. There. Are. So. Many. And as I slowly built up the courage to explore more and more buildings, I quickly became obsessed with them.

To me, they are like little archeological digs, small untold and forgotten pieces of local history. What did this building used to be? Why was it abandoned? Who was the last person to live there, and when? Why not tear down the building?

On weekends when I don’t have concrete plans, I love charging up my camera, lacing up my boots, and seeing what cool things I can find. And here are a few of my favorites from recent explorations.