Normally, I keep my camera with me wherever I go. You just never know what you may come across. But for some reason yesterday I took my camera out of my purse, and I definitely regretted it. I realized my mistake as I was pulling out of the drive, but I was already running late. Besides, it was just a routine doctors visit, what could I possibly need my camera for?

Doctors Visit. iPhone.

The lighting in the office was so wonderful, I just had to take a picture, even if it was with my phone. But I was so annoyed with myself for leaving my camera at home. After the appointment, I went and picked it up. I gave myself the assignment that for the rest of the day, if I saw something, anything that caught my eye, I would force myself to stop an take photo.

So please enjoy the photos from my favorite photos from the rest of the day. And learn my lesson: never leave your camera behind.