A Girl Turns Seven

To a wonderful and brilliant seven-year-old,

I am so so grateful we were able to celebrate your birthday with you. We all had a blast and you guys were so much fun to watch running and laughing and bouncing around.

I can’t believe how big you have gotten. Where has the time gone? When we met, you were not even three, and even then, so smart and independent. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve had the privilege of spending with you and watching you grow. I remember the first time I babysat you and your brother. Do you remember all the silly pictures we took on my phone that night? Or when you first learned to read, I remember how you would read whatever you could find, even street signs and labels. I remember when you got your first pair of adorable glasses, and how they always slid down your little nose. I remember all the times you fell asleep in the car, in the craziest positions that I could never imagine being comfortable.

You are a smart, amazing, strong little girl. It’s so crazy how observant you are and how quick you learn. You are so sweet and helpful, and it melts my heart when I hear you and the other two pretending and playing together. I know you are growing up to be a smart, strong and amazing young woman. I honestly don’t think I could love you any more if you were my own daughter, and I feel so lucky to have been apart of your life thus far.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.